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The Chinese Biodiversty Information System (CBIS) project was supported by the Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with the participation of 15 subordinate academic institutions of CAS. The management structure of this system follows "Center - Sub-Centers - Data Sources". This website serves as one of the data sources for CBIS, starting from July 2000.


To share and disseminate scientific information regarding biological diversity through internet-based databases; to promote collaborations among different angencies and organizations for biodiversity conservation; to provide decision-makers with concrete information for sustainable use and conservation of biological resources.


  1. Website setup: it was officially registered as "biowest.ac.cn" at CNNIC on 30 April 2001; the new server (DELL2x PIII933/1G/36G) has been in operation since May 2001;
  2. Published Databases: querable databases include 1) Vascular Plants of Tropical Yunnan, 2) Aromatic Plants at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, 3) Introduced Plants at XTBG, 4) Specimens at the Herbarium for Tropical Plants (HITBC) at XTBG, 5) Tropical Plant Germplasm Bank at XTBG, 6)Rare and Endangered Plants in the Tropical China, and 7) "Journal of Tropical Plant Research". There are 152,371 valid data records in these databses, with 60,136 copies of plant specimen photographs and 290 copies of photos for rare plants, and 447 downloadble articles in portable format files (PDF);
  3. Mirror site: for continuous web services, a mirror site was eatablished in Beijing and accessible though http://vxtbg.brim.ac.cn
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